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Complete Sterilization!

To ensure your safety, all procedures are performed solely through sterile, and aseptic techniques. Everything used, including the gloves, tools, clamps, needles, receiving tubes, etc., are sterile and disposable, and discarded after each use.

At True Expression we use jewelry surpassing those suggested by the standards of the Association of Professional Piercers becoming the highest jewelry available in the market. We use jewelry such as- but not limited to: ASTM F-138 / ISO 5832-1 compliant Steel, ASTM F-136 compliant Titanium, Solid 18 & 14 karat (or higher) nickel-free white or yellow Gold, Fused quartz Glass, lead-free borosilicate or lead-free soda-lime Glass Polymers.

Quality Equipments

Every room is equipped with top quality equipment including Statim Autoclave, steam cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, and a sink. You witness all sterilization as it is performed in front of you, and you will also observe the handwashing of the piercer because "frequent and thorough handwashing is one of the most important actions a piercer can take".

Sterilization Indicator Strips, which are ran through the autocalve along with all equipment being used for the procedure, indicate that everything placed in the autocalve has reached full sterilization. Our autoclaves are spore tested weekly with mail away test packs from Mesa Labs which ensure the autoclaves are working as designated.

Safety is our top priority. We will walk you through the piercing process, and will answer all of your questions. Our goal is to make sure you are well informed, and assure that you leave with both a clean and healthy piercing including detailed written information of the jewelry applied and aftercare instructions.

Friendly & Informative

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The piercer was very friendly and informative. All the tools and my jewelry were sterilized in front of me. He answered all my questions patiently and pierced me when I felt ready. I would highly recommend this business for all your piercing needs!! I love my new piercings!!

I love this place!

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I love this place! Paul is very patient and he gives full explanations about the piercing procedure. He is really gentle and it didn't hurt so much. The place is really clean. Highly recommended to get your piercing in true expression. I am going back to get my nose piercing really soon.

Best Quality & the cleanliness

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Wow!! I couldn't believe this place existed in Queens. Best customer service, best quality and the cleanliness is unbelievable. I loved my experience here. Learned a lot from the owner and I will definitely continue coming here.

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